My magazine, "In Plain Sight," is a collection of news and feature stories that I wrote for Extension Daily, Auburn Family and Corner News over the course of the semester. Originally, these stories were published using WordPress, Ning and Blox content management system. I created my 16-paged magazine using Abode InDesign. I came up with the title based off my adoration for the "loveliest village on the plains" and contains topics I believe anyone living under the Mason-Dixon line will find interesting.

Extension Daily is a publication, partnered with Alabama Cooperative Extension System, that covers topics about gardening in the south, food, business and economics, living, agriculture, outdoors and environment and 4-H.

Auburn Family is a collection of upbeat feature stories written by Auburn University students. The online-based news outlet focuses on targeting potential Auburn Students and alumni. The two stories I wrote for them were Advice from an Alumnus on How to Prepare for your future and Media Studies Student Takes on Rio Summer Olympics.

Corner News is a publication located in Auburn, Alabama, that covers stories about new businesses, events, current trends, entertainment and overall life happening within the area.

The stories that you will find in my magazine are:
Media Studies Student Takes on Rio Summer Olympics
Healthy Fats vs. Unhealthy Fats
The Girl on the Train Movie Review
Advice from an Alumnus on How to Prepare for your Future
When to Bring Potted Plants Back Inside
Growing Apples in Alabama